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Editorial – Likes

So, I put up a new profile picture on Facebook this week. Don’t you all rush to like it now, I’d just haaaaate that. Like, I have nerves like a ton of bricks sitting on my chest over all the internships and jobs that need to be applied for, all the assignments that need to be started, and all the news that needs to be written and spellchecked for ye, but the external validation I get off a new profiler makes me forget about all that very important stuff for a few minutes (read: hours, if not days). I don’t care if that makes me seem shallow- I like being shallow, and I think people should get to do the things they enjoy. Other things I like: watching entire seasons of Netflix shows in one sitting; Diet Coke (yes, I know it’s bad for you); badminton; jumpers.  I also took up knitting last week, which I’m terrible at, but it’s calming and helps keep my blood pressure at merely concerning levels instead of actually alarming. I’m trying to make a scarf, so put your orders in and you should receive one in the next 4-5 years. Things I don’t like: the Gaol Cross entrance being closed (I have literally written an entire editorial on this particular bitterness); Tr*mp; when Tesco Paul Street sells out of their €4 white wine; badminton;  spilling tea/food on clothes that are JUST out of the wash.  Anyway, that’s probably more detail about me than anyone has ever wanted to know, but giving a column to my self-obsessed self was always going to result in TMI. I’d complain to the editor, if I were ye, but really that’d just be giving me more attention, and it would definitely go to my head. There’s just no winning with me.

Anyway, onto more important stuff- Happy RAG! Hope ye are all raising, and giving, and having a ball. The key is to do a golden week the week before and the week after, and that will significantly lessen the guilt when you inevitably get waylaid on your way to every single lecture this week and end up, completely accidentally, in the New Bar. Sure, you’re in final year, but it’s a big campus and you don’t really know your way around yet, and if you squint, it could be the Kane. So, to sum up: enjoy RAG week kids, I’ll let ye know how my scarf is coming along. And like my profiler and I might just stop shiteing on.