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Editorial: Last one out, Get the lights

First of all, it would be remiss of me if I didn’t thank Michelle, who did an excellent job by the way, in stepping in and taking over news for the last edition while I was off with the elections.

In all of my editorials thus far, I’ve given my thoughts and ideas on some issues I felt needed to be discussed more in the public discourse, or rather on occasion I’ve played the devil’s advocate and tried to stir up some controversy and debate by giving an opinion which is contrary to the popular narrative. And of course, despite probably being my last, will be no exception, in an attempt to come full circle, I seek to ask, did I ever change your mind? Or rather could I have?

I’ve written my editorials on some of the issues I feel are the most pressing on the world today. I’ve written about offense and open mindedness, climate change, the future, perception and identity. I’ve argued why we should not become too obsessed with receiving thanks and appreciation for our efforts, I’ve debated why young people probably deserve the title of snowflake generation, why it’s simply not okay to use violence against someone who disagrees with you or expresses views which you don’t believe should be tolerated. On a more local issue I’ve tried to point out the internal contradictions in the attempts to stop Raise and Give week and in my penultimate editorial I argued a small distinction on the difference between a right to an opinion and an entitlement to one. Overall, I’ve been trying to encourage people to consider alternative views and ideas and to reconsider their own. I’ve tried to challenge some presumed consensuses and maybe force people to rethink and reconsider and perhaps maybe even go so far as to change their minds. What’s not important is on what stance people are changing their minds but rather what is important is that people are willing to do so, as summed up by Stuart Sutherland, “The willingness to change one’s mind in the light of new evidence is a sign of rationality not weakness.”

And of course, as my it is my last editorial it would be remiss of me if I didn’t say two things, firstly a massive thank you to all on the express team and everyone who helped out or contributed, it’s been an absolute blast this year with you all and it couldn’t have been done without you!  Secondly my goodbye, it’s been a hell of year and I hope you’ve had as good as one as I have, and last as is typical of my editorials I’ll leave you with a quote, this one from Bilbo Baggins, “I am going now. I bid you all a very fond farewell.”