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‘Divided’ Consensus on Sheeran’s Latest Album

So what do we really think of Ed Sheeran’s big comeback album ‘÷’? There has been mixed reviews about the album since it’s official release. Although some of my peers and people in general have expressed their sheer disappointment of the Irish-influenced album over the last two weeks, I cannot agree with these negative opinions, as I have simply and wholeheartedly took to the album. Perhaps the dislike exists because the majority of the Ed Sheeran fan club think that the album did not live up to their expectations, or it could be the fact that the album demonstrates a very different and distinctive musicality compared to his previous offerings – who knows? However, I can only vouch for my own opinion of ÷ and on that note, I support what Ed Sheeran said in a recent interview: ‘I really believe this is my best work to date’.

The album is easy to relate to, as it depicts the cycle of life through its lyrical diversity and musical variety; For example, the song ‘Perfect’ reflects a childhood romance, portraying both the destruction of this bond and the restoration of this bond into an adult relationship, which people can often identify with. The sensational song ‘Galway Girl’ and the holiday-themed ‘Barcelona’ also exemplify the feelings and emotions associated with falling in love, while ‘Happier’ and ‘New Man’ embody the inevitable heartbreak that comes with being in love. Aside from love, the darker moments of life resonate within the album too through the songs ‘Eraser’, ‘Save Myself’ and ‘Supermarket Flowers’, again to which listeners can already understand, or will understand at some stage. Therefore, I highly praise and appreciate every component of this album. 10/10