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CUBS Launch Awards Programme To Recognise Students’ Civic, Social and Innovative Contribution

By Atakan Uzun 


Students at Cork University Business School are invited to apply for an awards programme that has been specifically tailored to recognise those who make socially or civically minded, innovative leadership contributions, beyond the classroom. 

In cohesion with the ambitions that drive UCC’s Graduate Attributes Programme, the CUBS Leaders of Tomorrow initiative recognises that future leaders will require more than just academic knowledge to excel in a modern corporate environment that embraces social, cultural, and sustainable change. 

As such, the CUBS Leaders of Tomorrow initiative has been designed to reward students who have made an impact in any of the following categories: Innovation, Global Citizen, Learning Transformation, Exceptional Journey, Student’s Choice, and Dean’s Leadership.

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Sponsored by the CUBS Philanthropic Fund, student impact will be recognised in every category, where they will receive awards ranging from a Recognition Certificate to an Outstanding Achievement award to the value of 500 euro. Those students, who accumulate more than three or more awards over the duration of their student journey in CUBS will be awarded a Sustained Impact Award. 

The three categories: Innovation, Global Citizen, and Learning Transformation, are open to self-nomination. 

Students can also put themselves forward, or be nominated by their fellow peers, in the Exceptional Journey category, while the Students Choice category is only open to peer nomination. 

The Dean of CUBS can also nominate a student in recognition of leadership they have demonstrated. 

Students can apply by submitting a 400-word impact story in which they must detail the nature of their non-academic contribution and the impact that it made. 

Submissions that are deemed to highlight an outstanding impact will be shortlisted for an Outstanding Achievement, and these students will be invited to further detail their impact through an extended 1000-word submission. 

These submissions will be assessed by the following judge panel: Professor Thia Hennessey, Dean of CUBS, Professor Mary McCarthy, CUBS Vice-Dean Learning & Teaching, Asha Woodhouse, UCC Students’ Union President, Jim Clarken, CEO, Oxfam, Linda Doran, Head of UCC Disability Support Service, James Northridge, Founder, UrAbility. 

Apart from allowing the Business School to reward students who excel in areas outside the classroom, the initiative opens the possibility of allowing CUBS to gain insights into the broad spectrum of positive impacts students make on the world around us. 

The closing date for applications is 28th January 2022. 

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