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Credit Where Credit’s Due

I’ve been looking forward to this issue for a long time. The reason? It’s when we finally get to publish our fantastic interview with Dublin MC Kevin Smith, better known as Kojaque. I’ve been working on getting an interview with Kojaque for nearly two years now. I’ve sent e-mails to his label, tweeted at him in the hopes that the Express would get the opportunity and chat to one of the most exciting and intriguing acts Ireland has produced in quite a long time. However, it would be rude of me to take any credit really for organising it. Thanks to the fantastic efforts of Ciara, the ever-brilliant Byline Editor, and our friends at Cyprus Avenue, contact was made and everything came together. I really hope you enjoy the interview as much as I enjoyed conducting it. I believe it offers an insight into the mind of an artist, a visionary that knows his craft, both musically and visually, the limitations set upon us by society and the importance of mystique. Kojaque rarely does interviews (at least any I’ve been able to find) and it was a pleasure for me and, I hope, The University Express, to be given the opportunity. You’re certain to see his name everywhere once talk turns to albums of the year, and anyone with a ticket to his show in Cyprus Avenue on December 5th is in for a treat.

In my previous editorial, I take a moment to discuss the Boole library new ‘Space Hog’ initiative. At the time, the library was advertising that if belongings were left unattended for 45 minutes that they would be moved. I criticised the move, noting that 45 minutes was too short, especially for students who will still have lectures to go to and that it would be better to have it at an hour and fifteen minutes, giving people adequate time to walk from various lectures across campus. I stand by this, but shortly after the publication of our previous issue the Students’ Union and the library announced that they had extended the time to an hour. I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and am delighted to see the library change for the betterment of the students and thank them for the slight alteration. I understand that this initiative was long in development, and there had been countless discussions about the length of time allowed to students. I, as much as anyone can, understand that it is impossible to make everyone happy and that a certain degree of backlash was inevitable, as it is with any large-scale change,  and I thank them for their continuing dedication to helping students in any way they can.

Enough about me however. We have a fantastic issue for you today. We look into the recent ‘End Victim Blaming’ rallies that took place in Cork and caught international attention. We also have an analysis of potential candidates for the inevitably soon-to-be vacant role of Prime Minister in the UK. There’s pieces on Food For Thought, Christmas Movies and whether Mick McCarthy is the right man as Ireland’s new manager.

Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy schedules to read the latest issue of the Express. Good luck with both exams and assignments and I shall see you in January! Enjoy the break, we all badly need it!