The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Outrage Culture, Men, Toxic Masculinity and a Shaving Company

Last week, shaving company Gillette set the internet ablaze with the latest marketing campaign to touch on social issues. At first, I completely ignored the outrage and the ad entirely. I had initially thought the serially offended left had once again reared its ugly head and were in the process of starting yet another boycott….

Dire Straights

When I was asked out by my first boyfriend, an older, married friend took me aside. Most people’s reactions had been either congratulatory or involved sex jokes, or both. But my friend had a somber expression, and she was not discouraging but earnest in what she told me. “Be careful,” she said, “No matter what…

In Defence of Pure Reason

Recently, a friend of mine told me a story – that I imagine he found on the internet – that irked me greatly. In the story, a Philosophy Professor arranges a test for her students and, when the students arrive, the Professor places a chair down in front of them and asks them to prove…

Comment – Housing Minister is showing an inability to solve the housing crisis, or an inability to care

When Eoghan Murphy rose from the backbenches of the Fine Gael-led minority Government after Leo Varadkar’s appointment as Taoiseach in June of 2017, a sense of optimism was felt throughout the halls of Leinster House, the Department of Housing and beyond. Here was a young, idealistic, articulate Minister somewhat taking over a poisoned chalice, who…

S.U – Time To Improve?

Student Democracy is an important part of an educational ecosystem. It represents our wants and desires, behaviours and habits,  and allows a deeper connection between institution and student. The Student’s Union in UCC is no exception. I feel proud to be part of a University which allows for the Students to influence how it operates….