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Brexit: The Online Shopping Guide

With the British pound falling, there has never been a better time to shop online. The current exchange rate at the time of writing stands at roughly at £1 = €1.09. So how does this help your online shopping? While at a quick glance, not a lot. The prices in euro are still vastly higher than those in pounds but, changing the currency on the website to pounds at the current rate means you’ll save quite a bit. Some websites might argue that you are situated in Ireland and ask if you want to be moved to the irish site, do not be alarmed, continue on UK site.

A pair of jeans, on asos for example, were €30/£22. Yet, £22 exchanges to €23.90, saving you just over €6. And of course, the more expensive an item, the more you’ll save. To potentially save you even more money, utilise student discounts. Asos is part of Unidays, a student discount website, giving you an extra 10% off. Sign in with your college email to avail of many discounts across a variety of shops. Every little bit counts!

Not all clothing websites have the same difference, so it pays to shop around and check. If, for example, Zara’s online prices are almost equal, this is perhaps, due to the fact Zara is a european clothing brand, and it is in their best interest to price that way. But online shops based in the U.K have not yet changed their prices in conjunction with the exchange rate.