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Best of the Rest – A Roundup of September’s Music Releases

Prophets of Rage – Self Titled

Rage Against The Machine plus Public Enemy with a dash of Cypress Hill – that super group sounds utterly class, if it’s 1992. The debut LP from this rap-rock supergroup is okay, but feels slightly dated. All the clichés are present, fighting the power, not respecting the power, generally disliking the power, but it’s inescapable that even with original RATM frontman Zack De La Rocha, these new tracks would fall flat.

Highlight – ‘Unfuck the World’

The Killers – Wonderful Wonderful

The first Killers album in five years saw the Las Vegas group land their first number one album EVER – which is a bit hard to believe. However, in my own humble opinion, Flowers and Co were always a singles band, and there isn’t a decent single on here. ‘The Man’ is an okay song, but far from their best. Still an enjoyable listen.

Highlight – ‘The Man’

Macklemore – Gemini

Omg, remember when Macklemore was really big and everyone in Ireland loved him and got the same haircut as him? That was so sick. That bubble has well and truly burst, and this is Macklemore’s first album as a solo artist since 2005, would you believe (Ryan Lewis left, you know, the lad that did stuff in the background?). Although Gemini doesn’t reach the heights of 2014’s ‘The Heist’ there are a few enjoyable moments.

Highlight – Corner Store (editor’s note: what is it with this guy and stores & shops?)

Miley Cyrus – Younger Now

Well first off, it’s not Bangerz, which is disappointing. I think we all loved “mental Miley”, she was entertaining and the songs were grand. No really, they were. Younger Now is Miley coming out of her “wacko” phase and becoming a triumphant artiste – but it’s just not good. That sickly brand of country pop made fashionable by T-Swift all those eons ago flows through this LP, but it’s a shoddy, EuroGiant version of the Marks and Spencer’s original.

Highlight – Miss You So Much (probably a stretch to call it a highlight though)

Demi Lovato – Tell Me You Love Me

Speaking of former Disney Stars, Lovato just released her sixth studio album. Jaysus, it’s actually very good though, Lovato has an absolutely booming voice and she puts it to good use on this LP, which features a guest appearance from Lil Wayne.

Highlight – You Don’t Do It For Me