Resilience, Recovery, and a Return to Campus Life 

By Maeve O’Keeffe In March 2020, if you’d told me that my Thursday afternoon tutorial would be the last  hour of ‘in-person’ college I would have until September 2021, I would have cried. Whether  naivety, ignorance, or optimism was to blame, I had anticipated a mere fortnight of lockdown  with my family in rural Kilkenny….

Bystander Intervention in UCC: How we can all stand against sexual assault, harassment, and violence

By Maeve O’Keeffe An unfortunate reality of university life at present is the prevalence of sexual assault. According to a 2020 study of sexual experiences, 29% of females, 10% of males and 28% of non-binary students reported non-consensual penetration during their time in college. A 2018 survey completed in NUIG reveals staggering percentages of students…