Fresh Prince Gets Real

A prime example of a classic 90’s American sitcom, centred around the comedic and charming bravado and banter-full antics of one infamous Will Smith, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air brought much more than just laughs and top class entertainment to viewers across the US (and later the wider world). There were many times Fresh…

7 Things You ‘Realise’ in College

Disclaimer: Yes, the title is a direct reference to Kylie Jenner’s infamous “year of realising things” statement which, although totally taken the piss out of, applies quite accurately to many of our First Year experiences in college. One could argue that our First Year of college is in fact the official year of “realising” stuff….

Sonic Brainwave

What would life be without music? According to Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher, poet and cultural critic, life without music would be a mistake. This may seem a rather radical statement on the role that music plays in our lives, but it is entirely true; the importance of music in our world cannot be overstated….

Not-so-Dead Poets Society

When you think of poetry, it is likely that you recall the work of the poets that were on the Leaving Cert syllabus the year you did it; you remember resentfully the hours you spent reciting the lines from the poems you were told by your teacher to have learned by heart, the planning of…

Breaking the Fast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For a time, it was my only meal of the day. For a time, it was the only thing keeping me alive. But eventually, of even that I deprived myself. It is difficult to explain what it is like to go through something, knowing…