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Around the Universities Issue 9

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity has approved new ‘Reasonable Accommodations’ for students with disabilities. The new policy will put supports in place for students registered with Trinity’s Disability Service, and may include assistance such as extra time in exams, special library privileges, use of assistive technologies, Irish Sign Language interpreting, or alternative course materials.

National University of Ireland Galway

NUIG, in conjunction with the USI, have launched an extensive national and European energy efficiency campaign called ‘Student Switch Off’. The campaign hopes to convince students in Galway  to save energy in order to combat climate change. The campaign is financially supported by the EU to the tune of 1.5m across EU countries.

University College Dublin

Students in UCD, on February 7th, launched their campaign to lobby for the university to terminate their contract with catering company Aramark. Aramark have sparked controversy, after it was revealed they cater for three direct provision centres across the country.

University of Limerick

UL Students’ Union has launched a support service to aid students in poverty. The scheme aims to reduce student hardship through offering financial aid, food and textiles donated by students and staff. ULSU began accepting donations in December, mainly comprising of unwanted clean linens and non-perishable foods.