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Around the Universities – Issue 10

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity has announced that they will be facilitating an international dual degree programme in conjunction with Columbia University, New York. Starting next year, students enrolled in the programme will spend two years studying in Trinity, followed by two years at Columbia, culminating in a BA Arts and Humanities degree from the two universities. Subjects on offer include English, History, European Studies, and Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures.

University College Dublin

Members of the anti-abortion group known as Irish Centre of Bioethical Reform recently campaigned at a popular UCD entrance, showcasing graphic images referred to as “abortion victim photography,” intended to persuade students to vote against repealing the Eighth amendment in the upcoming May referendum. UCDSU expressed concerns about the “graphic nature” of the campaign.

University of Limerick

The Higher Education Authority has announced they will not publish a report investigating UL’s mismanagement of severance packages to the tune of €1.7 million, which were found to be conflicting with the rules governing public pay. The decision is related to High Court proceedings concerning several persons involved in the irregularities, and as such matters relating to the case cannot be publicly reviewed.