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All In A Fortnight’s Work – Editorial From Rob O’Sullivan

I’m going to take this opportunity to apologise to my immediate predecessor Brian (who will have graduated from his Masters the day before this comes out – if you actually read this Brian, congrats brother). All throughout last year I wasn’t quiet about my gripes with the workload as Designer of the paper, and the pay gap between Designer and Editor. “Ah jesus, I have way more work than you. I mean, I have to work like 3 days (and nights) straight, you only have a few hours! You lucky bastard!” I’m paraphrasing, of course, but my comments last year were mainly comprised of over-tired grumbles and a blur of caffeine-fuelled ramblings, so you probably wouldn’t have understood it even if you were there.

So yeah, three full issues into the year, and I’m just now grasping the amount of work that comes with the job as Editor-in-Chief of the UCC Express: managing the jittery jenga tower that is our budget, soliciting advertising from the lovely businesses of Cork (email me if you want to take out an ad), having one of said-advertisers posting a dodgy post on their Facebook page after you’ve taken their money, giving feedback on an article that may just target you directly and, worst of all: organising staff hoodies.
I’m not even scratching the surface of the work put in. And, I should say, it’s not all done by me; somewhere to the left of my dopey face should be a list of all the Express staff this year: from my wonderful Online Editor Evan, to my Marketing Executive Sarah (who’s also graduating the day before this comes out – congrats Dunphy!) to our resident golden oldie (Stephen) Spillane, these people are the real heroes…

…though I’m willing to bet they get a lot more sleep than I do.