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A Letter to the Reader

Dear reader, 

Thank you. You have heard me say this before but you are a huge part of the reason that we put effort into each issue we share with you. To tell stories, to start a conversation, and to lift spirits and bring some happiness and normality into your lives each fortnight. You have helped me to navigate through the maze of the last number of months and for that I will be forever grateful, thank you. This year has served to challenge us in many ways and as we approach the festive season it is imperative to acknowledge the unimaginable pain suffered by people, friends, and loved ones this year and to pay tribute to those that we have lost; those fabled rose-tinted glasses may not take effect for a while.

To everyone who has contributed to these pages over the past few months, thank you. The quality of the articles I read for each issue serve as a testament to the spirit that lies behind students and student media here at UCC. It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the extraordinary team that put so much time and energy into creating content for these pages. To borrow a quote from Aristotle, ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’- a relatable quote to many scenarios in life. I have seen proof that their imagination knows no bounds, a quality that astonishes and inspires me.

As I was finalising the pieces for this issue the question ‘what does University Express represent?’ fluttered through my mind. I’m going to give you the answer that occurred to me, it represents you. You, the living, breathing student body and despite our physical distance from each other in the past number of months, we are tied together in a more nuanced fashion; by goals, dreams, friendship and imagination. I am looking forward to the day when we can meet again under normal circumstances and when that day comes we can sit down in our favourite coffee shop and catch up on all that we have missed – instead of conversing through pages in a newspaper.

The darkness this year has brought our lives may not leave in a hurry but for now let me wish you a peaceful and a hopeful Christmas and every good fortune in the New Year. 

Until 2021,